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California State University, Chico (CSUC) joined the StarTEC team in September of 2001. Prior to StarTEC involvement teacher education candidates had been trained by a specialist in technology and had used training modules that were part of a large systemwide technology grant. This was a useful approach, but the faculty was well aware this training focused too much on learning technology applications per se and not enough on the meaningful integration of technology into the processes associated with teaching and learning. The decision of the faculty was to change the manner in which candidates were prepared to use technology. The faculty recognized they needed to become more proficient in the use of technology to in order to assist candidates recognize how this technology could be built into instruction, used effectively with learners in the schools, and be evaluated for effectiveness during real teaching activities.

During this past academic year, faculty participated in a number of training sessions to learn new applications of technology to teaching and learning, developed means to use techology in their own teaching and course preparation, worked on projects where they effectively used techology for conference and course presentations, and generally became skilled and comfortable learning and practicing new understandings. Evaluations over the course of the academic year were extremely positive. Faculty are asking to continue learning about new uses of technology and especially to have structured time to share ideas and work with colleagues to further their understandings and learn new applications of technology as it applies to their practice.

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Without the stimulus from the StarTEC grant, the practice of preparing teachers to use technology would probably have continued in a manner that was less than fully connected to teaching practice. With StarTEC the learning of teacher candidates has been greatly enriched. Knowledgeable faculty are in a much better position of assure that technology is integrated into the candidates teaching practices in the most effective ways possible.

The video presentation that follows will provide a clear picture of how faculty see their level of technology skill having increased and how effectively they have been able to apply the new understanding to their own teaching, effective the competence of teacher candidates, and ultimately have a positive impact on how learners in the public schools make use of techological resources.