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Technology is increasingly becoming a tool to level the educational playing field for the students living in the Central Valley. Well trained and highly motivated teachers, who understand and appreciate the power technology brings to the classroom, are making their mark in the lives of the high needs population living in the SOEHD's service region. Central to the SOEHD's mission is the training of teachers, counselors and school administrators in the use of technology so that the needs of K-12 and adult learners are met through effective and powerful instruction.

The StarTEC grant has helped in implementing fundamental changes by preparing teachers, to apply technological models into their practice.  All students in the teacher preparation program communicate with professors, peers and others via e-mail accounts provided by the University.  Students and faculty create web pages including use of current technologies such as iMovie, QuickTime and QuickTime video streaming. The StarTEC grant provided 60 faculty members, supervisors and K-12 teachers with training to model the use and integration of technology in the curriculum.

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The Kremen School of Education and Human Development, through the StarTEC grant, facilitated three summer sessions for Parlier Unified School District students.  The grant paid for the instructors, provided funds for transportation and for the acquisition of Apple's secondary Multimedia kits. The secondary school students promptly engaged in the creative process and in problem solving applying skills learned with multimedia programs available through the grant for the summer sessions.