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The beautiful campus at Notre Dame de Namur University is just over the hill from the Pacific Ocean and near to that special surfers’ paradise called, “Mavericks.” This proximity to a world-class surfing spot inspired us to think of our StarTEC program as a way to “Catch the Wave” of technology! We found the courage to move forward and try new approaches and programs that show promise for the future of embedding technology in our instructional practices with students.

The School of Education and Leadership has made great headway in developing each faculty member’s confidence and skills, using the power of the technology waves to move forward rapidly. The training days provided by the Apple Computer Company, in contract with the StarTEC grant, started us off well. We learned about Units of Practice and Inspiration software, iMovies, WebCT, and explored many offline and online resources together.

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Copernicus Education Gateway

A special inservice program (“Catch the Wave”) for part-time Supervisors was developed by one our own members and it provided individualized and group instruction. During these sessions, Supervisors received assistance as needed with basic computer applications, as well as hands-on activities designed to bring them up to speed on the State Technology Standards, Level 1. We all feel that we are now better prepared to assist students in technology rich lesson design and delivery.

Finally, we really caught a BIG WAVE when we became aware of the website, introduced to us during a StarTEC workshop. This site, entitled Copernicus Education Gateway, provides a central point to connect teachers with Internet resources just for educators, and a Curriculum Matrix - a searchable database including the California Content Standards and aligned lesson plans. Notre Dame de Namur University now has a license to use the Copernicus website and we intend to fully involve our students in its use starting in the next academic year. Look for us at We foresee that Copernicus will become a major resource for faculty, enabling students to connect the Standards with their daily instructional needs.