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New CA Technology Standard 20.5

Summary of Standard 20.5 including amendments to the CA Common Standards
CA Tech Standard Correlation to ISTE NETS for Teachers - Greyscale
CA Tech Standard Correlation to ISTE NETS for Teachers - Color

California Technology Assistance Project
Technology Proficiency Materials tied to Standard 20.5

  A New Teacher Technology Suite: An Overview - PowerPoint Presentation from the PT3 and CUE conferences
Teacher Profile & Performance Indicators: Preliminary Credential
Teacher Profile & Performance Indicators: Professional Credential
  Online Assessment Tool: CTAP2
CTAP Technology Proficiency Training Guidelines Standard 20.5
  CTAP Online: Courses designed to support teachers meeting Standard 20.5

Sample Education Department Materials Implementing Technology Standards and Electronic Porfolio Assessment

Teacher Certification Portfolio Checklist
Sample Course Syllabus: excerpt describing technology portfolio
Portfolio Evaluation Cover (for student submission)

Readings and Resources Regarding the Use of Electronic Portfolios

Strategic Questions: Helen Barrett includes a discussion of the factors to consider when choosing which resources to collect (artifacts) and which method of presentation to use based on student ability and expertise. Although the article is written from K-12 perspective the concepts apply to higher ed as well.
Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio: Helen Barrett discusses types of electronic portfolios and their purpose (audience) and the stages of development using a variety of technologies.
  Dr. Helen Barrett's Favorite Links on Electronic Portfolios and Assessment